Security & Monitoring|Smart. Secure. 

Cloud9 security & monitoring is a subscription and hardware based firewall designed for small businesses that improves overall connectivity. In a nutshell our service provides the necessary security and reliability for our customers to utilitze the many cloud-based applications available by optimizing network performance and up-time.  The technology is designed around traffic management required by many of today's real-time services including VoIP, Video, Point of Sale, etc. These services don't always communicate properly on congested networks.  Our technology identifies these technologies and makes sure that all related packets are sent and recevied.  Internet connections will become congested or have problems at some point and we provide the necessary tools to troubleshoot broadband services quickly, in real-time.   
Enhanced Services:
  1. WAN Fail-Over
    Fail over to a back up connection or a 3G/4G wireless connection. Our special design can fail over telephones and computers in as little as eight seconds, restoring full functionality.
  2. HIPPA Compliance
    Security is everything in healthcare today and our service provides this security with instant scans and compliance checks. As rules change the solution actively makes the required updates.
  3. PCI 3.0 Compliance
    Breaches leading to compromised credit card information mostly happen from the end provider's network. Our solution activley adds new compliances creating the highest level of security.
  4. Virtual MPLS
    Allows customers to connect multiple locations through a secure carrier-neutral managed newtork, providing access to the entire corporate network securely from any location to leverage technology.