Hosted PBX | Comprehensive Phone System and Phone Lines

Looking for a new phone system or just tired of paying the high bills and receiving poor customer service from the big carriers for phone lines?  Cloud9 Hosted PBX is the perfect solution for small business with one or multiple offices, especially if your team is comprised of mobile workers.  Our quality, reliability  and capabilities surpass that of traditional premise based phone systems and our hands on setup process makes us unique compaired to other VoIP providers.  Just as important we minimize the the cost of entry while reducing/containing your monthly commuincations expense! 
Switching is Easy
Save Money
Increase Productivity
Let us do the work.  We will port your existing number or set up a new one for you. In most cases the new system can be installed in tandem with your existing system so training can be done ahead of time and the switchover is seamless. 
Finally eliminate the high cost for phone lines from the large carriers.  The best part is that you also get a state of the art phone system that you don't have to purchase, maintain or upgrade.   Typical savings range from 30% to 70%!  It's a no brainer. 
Our robust feature set provides the most advanced tools in the industry to allow you to communicate and respond to your customers regardless of location.  Our geo-redundant infrastructure inures near 100% uptime so you can rest easy.
Below is just a few of the many features available.  We have designed the feature set to cater to the way small businesses operate to facilitate increased productivity and competitivness.
  1. Call Recording
    Can be purchased on a per user basis. Will record all calls or just the ones you choose. Up to 30 days of data available right from your web portal with automatic archiving Amazon.
  2. Unified Communications
    Voicemails, emails, and faxes in one place regardless of your location. Our integrated mobile apps keeps you connected whether you are working from home or on the road.
  3. Voicemail to Email & Text
    Voicemail messages can be transcribed using our voice recognition software and converted to text. The text will show in the body of the email the .wav file will attached for easy playback.
  4. Presence
    Quickly see the status of everyone in your orgainization with a contacts popup window on your computer screen. Each user can update their own status to convey availablity.
  5. Instant Messaging
    Instant Messaging is avaible to users within the organization using any XMPP compliant chat client such as Zoiper, Adium Pidgin, IM+, Messages for MAC, Jitsi, among others.
  6. Conference Bridge
    Conferencing can be made available for every extension or to select extensions. There is no monthly charge for this service and is billed by the minute for each outside caller.
  7. Faxing
    Use either the desktop app, web browser or email to send/receive faxes from any PC and/or connect a traditional fax machine.
  8. SIP Trunking
    Utilize the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP to connect existing phone systems and receive unlimited calling plans with built-in continuity.
  9. Web-Based Management
    Administer your organization's voice service from any web browser. Eliminate the cost of service calls and make changes to call flow and user accounts instantly.
  10. Unlimited Call Paths
    Never get a busy signal without having to pay for additional lines that are rarely used. Plans include unlimited call paths.
  11. Queuing
    Utilize a queue so that one person can answer all calls even during periods of high call volume. Customer can choose to hold or leave a message.
  12. Call Center
    Empower your call center team with tools to customize any call center environment. Manage agents, call flows and reporting right from your web browser.